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The effectiveness of Core Stability & Somatic Work.

Below is a testimonial of the stabilising core work that I am playing with. I use the intra abdominal stabilising work of Julie Peck and incorporate the sphincter work of Ruthy Alon and Paula Carbourg. Also, I have made my own creative adaptations from having severe pelvic instability, stress incontinence and surgical resection. It took me over a decade of self exploration and with my students, to find the system of somatic work that I use today. It is so wonderful to see the results of the Transabdominal Real Time Ultrasound Imaging to verify my work.

' When I first assessed Melissa for treatment of her lower back pain we found she was doing her pelvic floor exercises diligently, but was bearing down. With assessment using transabdominal Real Time Ultrasound Imaging Melissa learnt how to correct this. She continued to work with Jenny Groves who did further sphincter training and when I reassessed her 6 weeks later the strength and endurance of pelvic muscles had improved markedly. This specific training gave Melissa a much better chance to do her core stability exercises correctly. ' From a Sports Scientist/Physiotherapist

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