One on One's


Following a postural assessment, you will be given a personalized program specifically adapted for you.  You will explore alternative options of postural and movement choices. Follow-up activities are given for practice and consolidation for homework.

Skype One on One's


We offer private sessions using Skype for those unable to attend face to face classes!


Movement Intelligence personal training, in your home/office.  We offer you personal routines tailor made to you.


Skype sessions requirements:

  • private space

  • reliable internet

  • Bones for Life wrap

  • chair

Solutions for Optimal Mobility

Self-Care Strategies for Individual Neuro-Motor Limitations
The Highest Educational Contribution of the Movement Intelligence Program

In Movement Solutions (M.S.) you will learn self-care movement strategies for functional problems. 

The program provides a broad variety of movement procedures which help to resolve common muscular skeletal issues for feet, arms, shoulders, shoulder blades, lower back, knees, hip joints and the neck.  Each specific M.S. process uses the perspective of Feldenkrais┬« integrative strategies.  You will explore the reciprocal interdependency between suffering body parts and the corresponding Bio-dynamic partners of the entire body network. 

Movement Solutions

Self-Care Strategies for Individual Neuro-Motor LimitationsThe Highest Educational Contribution of the

Movement Intelligence Program

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