Bones For Life

The Bones for Life program teaches you how to increase bone strength through natural movement and rhythm. Influenced by rhythmic African walking styles, the program consists of 90 processes. Unlike western cultures, African peoples are not beset with osteoporosis. Their strong bones are built by dynamic walking styles that integrate the forces of gravity.

The 90 processes challenge habitual movement patterns that can lead to muscular and skeletal problems like lower back pain, joint injuries and core stability issues. The program offers you gentle movement patterns that allow for flexible posture and movement into an active and graceful old age.

​1.5 hour class

Consists of specific movement processes to awaken and enliven the body and develop postural integrity, flexibility and stability. This is achieved through rhythm and isometric pressure that is carried forward into walking, running on the spot and bouncing on the heels. Bones for Life employs external surfaces such as the floor, walls, chairs, 500 gm weights and the 7 metre wrap (which provides a stabilising exoskeleton), to enhance all functional movement.

One on One's

Following an individual posture assessment, clients are guided through a Movement Intelligence process in response to client feedback.  These individual sessions address issues such as: muscular skeletal conditions, osteo arthritis, impaired balance, core stability and sports injuries. Clients explore alternative options of postural and movement choices. Follow-up activities are given for the client to practice and consolidate in their own home. 

Skype One on One's

We offer private sessions using Skype for those unable to attend face to face classes!


Movement Intelligence personal training, in your home/office.  We offer you personal routines tailor made to you.


Skype sessions requirements:

  • private space

  • reliable internet

  • Bones for Life wrap

  • chair

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