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Movement Intelligence Australia

Jennifer Groves


"To consciously develop authenticity through physical and emotional intelligence, to gracefully move through life."



Contact, Jennifer Groves

Tel: (02) 6684 2738

Mobile: 0418 440 039

Jennifer Groves - Senior Movement Intelligence Trainer, Feldenkrais practitioner.

Originally, Jenny studied yoga in the Himalayas in the late 70s with Lisa Swartz and B.K.S. Iyengar in Pune. Later she studied under Naoko Yagyu in Tokyo and completed Martin Jackson’s teacher training in Sydney in the early 80s.

Jenny established the first yoga school in Byron Bay, 'The Byron Yoga Studio'. This centre became the hub for local, national and international yoga and Ayurveda teachers. Many of the well-established local yoga trainers seeded from this centre.

After twenty years of yogic practice, Jenny’s enquiry moved into the somatic and remedial fields. It was Jenny's own health journey that led to this deeper self-enquiry.  Jenny completed her training as a Feldenkrais® Practitioner in 2000. Attracted by Ruthy Alon’s somatic discoveries, she spent the next decade studying Movement Intelligence. Jenny has taught throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific Region, in Taiwan and Korea. Besides conducting Movement Intelligence training programs, Jenny offers group workshops specializing in pre and post abdominal surgery, stress incontinence, anxiety and depression. Jenny specializes with pelvic floor conditions by teaching students how to recruit their sphincters.

Jenny’s students vary from high performance athletes, dancers, choreographers, Pilates teachers/students, to stroke victims and seniors. Some students have reported these programs have reversed their osteoporosis; others have found pain relief from muscular, skeletal and/or arthritic conditions.


Jenny works in Mullumbimby, a small town in Northern New South Wales, Australia. 

**Contact Jenny for Skype or one to one personal training lessons.

Rangimarie Ferguson


“The solution to the problem may not come from understanding it. The question toask is not so much why did it happen? As what can be done?”.



Contact, Rangimarie Ferguson

Mobile: 0431 854 037

RANGIMARIE FERGUSON - National Director - Senior Movement Intelligence Trainer

Rangimarie Ferguson is the National Director of Movement Intelligence (M.I.)
Australia and in partnership with Jennifer Groves. Feldenkrais practitioner, M.I. senior
trainer Australasia.

Their long term partnership has taken them around the globe learning, training and supporting their mentor Dr Ruthy Alon Movement Intelligence founder Feldenkrais trainer. Together, they have both attended residential M.I. trainings’ in Korea, America and Israel over the past 25 years. This has given them an invaluable body of movement expertise from around the world along with meeting many inspiring movement specialist trainers in MI.

Jennifer Groves and Rangimarie returned from Israel as senior world trainers for
Australasia as leaders in their field in 2014.

Rangimarie is an advocate for young people and First Nation people’s cultural lore and traditions and a mother of four children. Rangimarie is a recognised community member and leader in the far north coast of Australia.

Acknowledged for her vast skill based teaching and unique delivery of Movement Intelligence programs with first nation peoples and reconnection to country, arts and multimedia programs. Rangimarie presents a wholistic approach for individuals and community wellbeing, pioneering initiatives for the nation and globally.,

Rangimarie holds a background in Kapa Haka Maori performing arts dance theatre and Hip Hop dance culture. “Movement Intelligence has brought a new lens to my movement. I have gained broader insight, ease and grace. But, most importantly an efficiency of stability and care, creating a foundation of ‘Biological Optimism’, which I have never experienced before”.

Rangimarie, is passionate about sharing Movement Intelligence with the public for creating optimal health, across many disciplines with movement expertise. Through the fields of martial artists, dancers, health professionals and the wider public. Teaching in schools and studios and in health retreats, through our weekly monthly classes and annual train the trainers.

Rangimarie holds a vision to have this somatic self-supportive system of Movement Intelligence Australia to widen and ignite a renewed sense of discovery and natural willingness to learn.

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