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"To consciously develop authenticity through physical and emotional intelligence, to gracefully move through life."

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Jennifer Groves - Senior Movement Intelligence Trainer, Feldenkrais practitioner.


Originally, Jenny studied yoga in the Himalayas in the late 70s with Lisa Swartz and B.K.S. Iyengar in Pune. Later she studied under Naoko Yagyu in Tokyo and completed Martin Jackson’s teacher training in Sydney in the early 80s. Jenny established the first yoga school in Byron Bay, 'The Byron Yoga Studio'. This centre became the hub for local, national and international yoga and Ayurveda teachers. Many of the well-established local yoga trainers seeded from this centre.
After twenty years of yogic practice, Jenny’s enquiry moved into the somatic and remedial fields. It was Jenny's own health journey that led to this deeper self-enquiry.  Jenny completed her training as a Feldenkrais® Practitioner in 2000. Attracted by Ruthy Alon’s somatic discoveries, she spent the next decade studying Movement Intelligence. Jenny has taught throughout Australia and the Asia Pacific Region, in Taiwan and Korea. Besides conducting Movement Intelligence training programs, Jenny offers group workshops specializing in pre and post abdominal surgery, stress incontinence, anxiety and depression. Jenny specializes with pelvic floor conditions by teaching students how to recruit their sphincters.
Jenny’s students vary from high performance athletes, dancers, choreographers, Pilates teachers/students, to stroke victims and seniors. Some students have reported these programs have reversed their osteoporosis; others have found pain relief from muscular, skeletal and/or arthritic conditions. Jenny works in Mullumbimby, a small town in Northern New South Wales, Australia. 

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