This program restores and upgrades the quality and coordination of walking patterns for healthy and stable posture. The self empowered propulsion developed through this spring in your step, utilizes walking poles to improve tone and strength. Its rhythmic style promotes ease in walking and for those who enjoy the great out doors, to walk long distances with greater suppleness.

Walk For Life

​1.5 hour Classes

Preparation is conducted in the classroom - the ‘learning laboratory’ - where Bones for Life movement processes are practised with, or without, the walking poles. Studentsapply these movement processes outside with poles, on varying surfaces including up and down hills. Working in pairs helps to develop coordination and strength. Students learn how to make postural adjustments in many configurations and take this these into walksing.

One on One's

Following an individual posture assessment, clients are guided through a Movement Intelligence process in response to client feedback.  These individual sessions address issues such as: muscular skeletal conditions, osteo arthritis, impaired balance, core stability and sports injuries. Clients explore alternative options of postural and movement choices. Follow-up activities are given for the client to practice and consolidate in their own home. 

Skype One on One's

Skype sessions requirements:

  • private space

  • reliable internet

  • walking poles

  • BFL wrap

Movement intelligence personal training, with poles offering you postural re-education in your home/office. You will be provided with home practice routines to suit your daily needs.

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