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Movement Intelligence is the brainchild of Ruthy Alon Ph.D.

Dr. Alon Ph.D explains the origins of Bones For Life: utilising Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais' approach to somatic learning.  Movement Intelligence offers four programs:

BONES FOR LIFE - Building Bone Resiliency


The program consist of 90 processes designed to cultivate strength through weight-bearing posture, and to stimulate bone strength through natural movement and rhythm. Strong bones develop through dynamic confrontation with gravity. The 90 processes challenge habitual movement patterns that can lead to muscular and skeletal problems like lower back pain, joint injuries and core stability issues. Gentle movement processes encourage flexible posture and movement into an active and graceful old age.


1.5 hour class

Classes involve specific movement processes to awaken your body by developing postural integrity, flexibility and stability. This is achieved through rhythm and isometric pressure, carried forward into bouncing on the heels, stepping, walking and running on the spot. Bones For Life employs external surfaces such as the floor, walls, chairs and 500gm weights, and the 7 metre BFL wrap (which provides a stabilizing exoskeleton), to enhance all functional movement.


One to One’s

Following an individual postural assessment you will be guided through a Movement Intelligence process tailored to you. Issues addressed are: muscular skeletal conditions, osteo arthritis, impaired balance, core stability and sports injuries. You will explore alternative postural options and movement choices. Homework and follow up activities are available so you can practice in your own home to consolidate this work.

CHAIRS - Sitting is the New Smoking


Healthy sitting leads to good postural support whether at your computer, driving or dining out.  The Chairs program is designed to address habits that often lead to degenerative fixation, habits that can lead to problems with our neck, back, hips and knees. It offers you mini processes designed to expand your options of dynamic sitting with the emphasis on transmitting force throughout your skeleton, as essential for your bone strength.

WALK FOR LIFE - Propulsion and Stability 


This is a dynamic walking program of 90 movement processes. The program restores and upgrades the quality and coordination of our walking patterns. It’s rhythmic style promotes ease and muscle tone which increases fitness. For those who enjoy the great outdoors, Walk for Life processes extend your ability to walk long distances with greater suppleness.


1.5 hour Classes

Preparation is conducted in the classroom--the ‘learning laboratory’--where Movement Intelligence processes are practised with, or without, the walking poles. Students apply these movement processes outside with poles, on varying surfaces, including up and down hills. Working in pairs helps to develop coordination and strength. Students learn how to make postural adjustments in many configurations and how to apply this to their everyday walking.

MINDFUL EATING - Hungry Wolf Model


Mindful Eating is the inner game of chewing connecting your brain-gut relationship and your relationship to your addictive tendencies to the environment and they way you eat and digest in life.

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