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2021 WeMove Classes with Jenny & Rangimarie

A Movement Intelligence class is the same as a Feldenkrais Awareness Movement® lesson, but with different strategies”.

Join Jennifer & Rangimarie for a series of monthly workshops to expand your postural awareness, and all round somatic bodily connection. Each month you will be guided with a new focus, followed up by Rangimarie’s weekly class. Movement Intelligence is a training system for dynamic postural re-education and mind-body suppleness. It has been developed by the late Dr. Ruthy Alon, based on Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais approach to somatic learning.

These workshops are an introduction to Movement Intelligence/Bones for Life. You will learn self-help tools to find postural correction through movement orientated somatic education. Partner work, walls and floor are utilized to stimulate isometric resistance and rhythmic vibration. Each month there will be a different area we will focus on (see topics schedule below).

**For 6 weeks each term Rangimarie will follow up with a weekly class going deeper into the material Jenny covers**

Wednesday nights at 5.15pm.



February 13th: Sat Pressure Builds Bones

March 6th: Sat Lower Back

April 3rd: Sat Upper Back

May 1st: Sat Arthritis

June 5th Sat Feet and Knees

July 3rd Sat: Equilibrium and balance

August 7th: Sat Jaw and pelvis

September 4th: Sat Shoulders and Hips

October 2nd Sat: Core Stability with the sphincters

November 6th: Sat Eyes and the Neck

December 4th: Sat Review of the year


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