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The Australian Feldenkrais Online Summit 2021 -- 20th to 29th August


My apologies, I have left posting this Summit a tad late - it starts tomorrow. Better late than never. Tune in and enjoy!!

To access the interviews - click into the day’s interview at -

There will be a box for the password (which you will receive in a daily email around 12 noon AEST) - enter the password and expand the video to full screen by pressing the square in the bottom right corner with arrows pointing outwards…..

Our Facebook event is for telling your friends about this free event, as well as for conversation / reflection / discussion about the interview topics or the Awareness Through Movement lessons that you do along the way. Last minute / midway-through sign-ups are always welcome - Enjoy all that’s on offer during the Summit this August. Reach out to us with any questions and a friendly volunteer will respond.

Warm Regards, The Australian Feldenkrais Guild (AFG)

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