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The JAW & PELVIS - Sat August 7th 1pm - 4pm with Jennifer Groves

Jennifer will explore the physiological relationship between the Pelvis and Jaw. The alignment and relaxation of each, deeply affects the other. When we relax and soften the jaw, the same relaxation occurs in the muscles of the pelvic floor.

When you can ease up the tightness between these two major points, your posture and walking pattern are enhanced. A typical clenched jaw will affect your pelvis and your walking pattern and how your feet strike the floor.

Jennifer will explore these two polarities utilizing *Relaxation and visualization

*Massaging of your gums

*Softening the face

*Relating the Jaw to the Pelvis

The integration between these two parts will assist your system to develop more ease and comfort with each step that you take.

This workshop is open to anyone who can get down to the floor and back up again. If you have muscular skeletal issues feel free to book an assessment with Jennifer prior to attending.

Bookings through WeMove Studio Mullumbimby

Follow up on this Topic with Rangimarie every Wednesday 5.15pm - 6.15pm at WeMove Studio Mullumbimby


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