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Bookings: through WeMove Studio, Mullumbimby Australia

*Cost: $70, *Concession $65, and *WeMove subscriber $60

*This workshop will be live dependant upon lockdown, and also streamed via Zoom link:

*If you miss this event from time zone differences, or are away you can still book and receive a recording.

*Please bring with you a scarf long enough to wrap around your lower ribs, a yoga mat, a couple of towels, and a Bones for Life wrap (if you do not have one email Jennifer to get the details). Otherwise we will do variations of moves without the wrap at the same time with two people demonstrating the various options together.

The Sphincters are special, circular muscles that open and close certain body parts. The action of the sphincter is to regulate the passage of fluids through the body. This may happen involuntarily through the autonomic nervous system (which controls all your vital functions) or under voluntary control through the somatic nervous system.

There are about 50-60 different types of sphincters in the human body, when one sphincter is engaged, they all engage as a reflex.

In this workshop Jennifer will explore how the Sphincters can help to engage core stability and bone resiliency. Good posture is one component of bone health, along with diet, how you move, injury, ageing and a genetic predisposition for health.

The Sphincters can often become weak or damaged, resulting in varying health conditions: incontinence, reflux, and bone resiliency. How can you interrupt bone deterioration and health? By learning to tune up your Sphincters along with good posture, alignment and weight bearing movement, bone structure can improve. Learning to walk with a spring in your step is multi-faceted. Jennifer will cover the general aspects of sphincter health. Over the past 20 years Jennifer has taught many students in Asia and Australia to “Tune up Their Sphincters”. Through recovering from a bowel resection, a couple of decades ago, Jennifer personally explored the many facets of the Sphincter engagement. Many of her clients have gained improved mobility and strength via The Sphincter System.

Public workshop Sydney - sponsored by the Australian Feldenkrais Guild

June 2021 - Jennifer teaching The Sphincter process Bow & Arrow


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