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Bones for Life training - Segment One

October 18th - 28th 2017

Bones For Life training - Segment One

Where: Douphraite House Mullumbimby with Jennifer Groves.

This will be the first segment of a 210 hour accredited Bones for Life certification.

I have not run a Bones for Life training for a few years in Australia. By invitation, I have taught various components of Movement Intelligence programs in Taiwan and Seoul over the past decade. Also some workshops locally, in Sydney and in Canberra. Due to enquiries, I will run this Bones for LIfe training at Douphraite House, at my beautiful studio in Mullumbimby in the far North Coast of Australia - Byron Shire.

Bones for Life consists of specific movement processes to awaken and enliven the body and develop postural integrity, flexibility and stability. This is achieved through rhythm and isometric pressure that is carried forward into walking, running on the spot and bouncing on the heels. Movement Intelligence/Bones for Life employs external surfaces such as the floor, walls, chairs, 500 gm weights and fabric wraps to enhance all functional movement. Bones for Life is life changing work and is a personal investment for your postural health and well being.

If you need support with accommodation and airport transfer I can assist. Byron Shire is an international tourist destination and if you allow some extra time here you can explore some of the Shire's treasures. Please email me for more information regarding costs and accommodation and any questions that you may have. My passion for this work has sprung from the wonderful teachings of Dr. Ruthy Alon and my Feldenkrais professional training.

Movement Intelligence graduates in Seoul

Photo: Graduates from Seoul Movement Intelligence training with Dr. Ruthy Alon.

Enquiries: +61 02 66 842 738

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