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The Feldenkrais Awareness summit: Move Better, Feel Better

It's time again for the Feldenkrais Awareness Summit. While I won't be speaking at it this year, I remain excited about this incredible opportunity to join with thousands of others in helping ourselves and the world move better and feel better.

If you’ve attended one of these summits before you might think you know what to expect, but this year is going to be even better. If you’ve never attended – this is the time to join us!

On May 1st, the opening day, there will be an Extravaganza of Movement! An entire 24-hours of movement-themed fun with 22 different lessons from 22 instructors around the world, a keynote address by Olena Nitefor, and a Q&A session that I hope you attend.

After that, the schedule is full of valuable information. Each day has a theme and will feature talks by experts in their field. Capping the day will be a live panel discussion where you can join in and ask questions.

Register today and join me in May!

P.S. The above is an affiliate link. Attending the summit is free, but if you decide to upgrade for access after the summit is over, I may receive a portion of that sale.


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