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In honour and respect to our movement teacher Ruthy Alon

I hold you close to my heart Ruthy Alon, as you begin to enter your next journey. I acknowledge your Graciousness, wisdom, knowledge, love, laughter, joy and strength. I acknowledge your incredible lifetime's body of work and generosity, passion for sharing and your master teacher Moshe Feldenkrais. It has been an absolute privilege to travel the world with

Jennifer Groves, witnessing you, pioneering Movement Intelligence and a privilege to be invited to lsrael co-creating your endeavour in creating the "Movement Intelligence World Senior Trainings with our Global colleague. I will miss your physical presence deeply. You have been my greatest mentor, teacher, sister and dear friend. As your Australian National Director here in Australia and abroad, in your honour. I will continue to masterfully share the movement art form in its wholeness that is Movement Intelligence!


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