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Engaging the Shoulder Girdle - Sat 3rd at 1-5pm

In Jenny's next workshop at WeMove Mullumbimby she will explore the shoulder girdle. Many people carry the weight of the world on their shoulders, rather like a coat hanger, held up high with tension in the neck. Or have their shoulders pushed down with muscular tension. How can we interrupt this cycle of wear and tear on the shoulder girdle and arms?

In this workshop Jenny will explore how you can release the shoulder girdle through its partners the hip joints, the base of the neck and with light weights.

The weights help to connect the arms to the vertebrae when the SPIRAL is introduced. The shoulders and fingers have their effect when they take the power from the spine. Musicians think that it is all in the fingers as good teachers tell them, but what are your elbows doing? What are the ribs doing? If we go to the centre, to organise the core and the spine, the lighter the arms and the shoulders become, and the more they can functionally engage.

For those with frozen shoulders, tennis elbow with pain and stiffness, Movement Intelligence is right for you.

New attendees who have not worked with Jenny or Rangimarie before please contact Jenny for a private assessment. This enables Jenny to better support you in this workshop if you have postural issues.


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