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Engaging the Core via The Sphincter System

Due to social distancing numbers will be limited to 10 people and the floor and equipment will be disinfected. Get in early if you wish to save your spot.

Harmonising the rhythms in our bodies comes down to observing and practicing the rhythms we find in nature. Contraction, relaxation, vibrations, waves, oscillations. Allowing these coordinated patterns to move in us is vital for our whole system; digestion, breathing, sleep and circulation to our muscles and organs. Finding practices and understanding the nature of our anatomy is energising and a great way to age gracefully.

Having a stable core is a natural state for a healthy body and it can be seen especially in young children and animals. Certain habits that have developed in our modern lifestyle hinder this natural state. Coming back to your core helps to improve your posture from the inside out.

How do we do that??

Understanding the importance of the pelvic floor and the sphincters, or the "ring" muscles is essential to finding, once again, the stability within. It's never too late to learn and every improvement we make helps us live fuller in every way. 

A special workshop on this topic from leading Movement Intelligence trainer, Jennifer Groves is taking place this Saturday 4th July, at WeMove Studio come along to learn more. see details below.

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