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Term 3 Movement Intelligence classes

Movement Intelligence with Jennifer Groves

Term Three groups are now open for bookings.

Wed 26th July - 20th Sept.

Sat 29nd July - 23rd Sept.

Rediscover your optimal body management by following in the footsteps of Movement Intelligence natural movement. Learn how to develop postural integrity, flexibility and stability. This is achieved through rhythm and isometric pressure that is carried into walking, running on the spot and bouncing on the heels. External surfaces such as walls, floors, chairs and a 7 meter fabric wrap are used to enhance moving functionally. Movement Intelligence is an investment in your postural health and well being. I invite you into my studio to learn the tools and skills to move with grace and develop your natural dynamic resilience .

My passion for this work has sprung out of yogic self enquiry, my Feldenkrais training and my decades of studies under Dr. Ruthy Alon the founder of Movement Intelligence/Bones for Life programs.

For new students ring for a consult prior to attending.

Tel: 66 842 738

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