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Movement Intelligence November weekend at Douphraite House

Attached are a selection of photos from last weekend. We were a small intimate group of nine and it was my pleasure to share with others my passion "Movement Intelligence". We moved, we walked, we bounced, we discussed, we laughed, were discombobulated and we learned the art of "Mindful Eating". Students came from Taiwan, Sydney, Tasmania and locals from neighbouring Shires and towns. Learning how to tune our instrument is the baseline of Ruthy Alon's programs. It was a delight to see people tune in and turn on their "Biological Optimism" and there will be more weekends planned for 2017 so stay tuned.

Completion ceremony "Bones For Life Hug".

Pause and refresher during the walk.

Sunday walk on Leftbank Road Mullumbimby.

Relaxed group caught in the act.

Setting the poles height.

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