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Mullumbimby Movement Intelligence weekend

Jenny Groves in Italy 2016

Weekend 26th & 27th November

A weekend of Movement Intelligence with Jenny Groves at Douphraite House Mullumbimby.

Weekend Schedule:


*9am to 3pm process orientated Movement Intelligence exploration.

*5pm Mindful Eating.

*6pm Group dinner.


*10am to 3pm process orientated Movement Intelligence exploration.

What is Movement Intelligence?

How do we enhance it?

Movement Intelligence is our internal "compass" for innate efficiency, a pleasure-driven centre that instinctively knows:

*Restful alertness - like a cat.

*Standing Tall - like a giraffe.

*Engaging the entire self with least effort - like a panther.

*Intuiting the path of least resistance - like a fish.

*Satiety - when we've had enough, finding the "sweet spot" in any activity, including eating.

Who Can Benefit?

*High performing athletes, dancers and yogis.

*People who perform repetitive movement at work or sit for long hours.

*People who have difficulty with balance and walking, or have chronic pain and inflammation.

*People recovering from injuries and from bone loss.

*Health care professionals seeking to expand their knowledge of complimentary healing practices.

There are only a few places left in the weekend, so make your New Years resolution happen this November.

02 66 842 738

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