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The Hip Joint workshop at WeMove with Jenny Groves


An internal view
The Hip Joints

The hip joints are often left open to wear and tear and injury, especially as one ages. What can we do about this? We can notice what aggravates the suffering and make it lighter - Try unfamiliar options and awaken our nervous system. Jenny will explore the dynamics of how to stabilize and also mobilize the hip joint. An ideal hip joint has anatomical freedom in a controlled range of movement, while also maintaining a reliable vertical alignment of posture. Whereas a stiff hip joint is misaligned and unable to sustain rhythmical bone strengthening pressure. Cooperation between all body parts is needed for optimal ease and coordination. There is no joint or tissue in the body, which is not intimately involved with connecting the legs to the trunk. Moving better comes from inside our sensory library and with Movement Intelligence (M.I.) we use a Feldenkrais approach to somatic learning.

For people new to M.I. a private assessment with Jenny, is supportive.


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