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The Feldenkrais Awareness summit: Move Better, Feel Better

You can still join in with the Summit and there are huge benefits for free. Speakers are yet to come AND there will be a bonus day. The Move Better, Feel Better: A Feldenkrais Awareness Summit is still rolling and there is still more to see with several speakers per day. Plus you can still access 22 Awareness Movement lessons.

There is a BONUS DAY - the incredible Mia Segal, Dr. Moshe Feldenkrais' first apprentice, has graciously given her time to give three different talks. This is not to be missed. On ENCORE DAY! May 14th, you can catch the talks you missed and try some of the movement lessons.

The good news is whether you have already registered for the summit yet or not, you might want to catch the presentations you missed or be able to benefit from them later on in your schedule. The Unlimited Access upgrade is still available at a discounted price, which will end soon. Until then, you save $120 on this jam packed collection of presentations, lesson and bonus materials when you sign up.

Remember it is FREE when you attend while it is live!


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