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Sphincter/Ring Muscle workshop with Jenny

SPHINCTER WORKSHOP with Jennifer Groves - Sat 3rd August 9am-1pm at WeMove Studio Mullumbimby

Movement Intelligence senior trainer/Feldenkrais practitioner – NDIS provider.

Jellyfish swimming with rhythmic  movement.
One of the basic Movement Intelligence moves.

“The sphincters”- what are they?

An evolutionary pattern from nature, like the movement of a jellyfish which moves through water, with a constant undulating rhythm of expansion and contraction. This is the basis of mammalian movement.

You will learn some of the basic techniques of the “sphincters” or commonly known as the “ring muscles”.

· To engage your sphincters in your daily activities for strengthening the spine. · To support enhanced relaxation with the parasympathetic nervous. · Learning some of these ancient techniques will support your yoga practice. · Your strength for daily activities will be enhanced. · You will explore patterns for either slack or tight issues with urinary stress/urge incontinence.

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