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SAT 2nd May 2-3pm - Join Jenny at WeMove Studio live streaming. Developmental topic THE SPHINCTERS

The Sphincters are a primordial ring like action found in all living things. Like a jellyfish moving through water, long and tall, then short and wide. Or a worm alternating and oscillating, mobilizing in space. The sphincters work as gravitational support for the body to move and stand and there are 40 of them functioning in the human body, either consciously or unconsciously. The more awareness you bring to the integration and function of the sphincters, your quality of movement improves. With more awareness you can illicit your body function to move with more ease. Bone deterioration and muscular skeletal issues can stem from the action of the sphincters along with other bodily systems. This is why I am into them and teach about them, as most people pay little or no attention to these aspects of the body. Please see the links below for access to the stream.


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