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Jenny's first home streaming: Lesson 4 THE WAVE

The WAVE is one of the fundamental moves in the Movement Intelligence program. Explore with Jenny in the comfort of your own home, how the spine can reorganise through its partner curves, the Lower Back and Neck. Where sheering forces and blockages are often caught. Enjoy playing with rhythmic timing and pressure along the spine. Bone resiliency and strength can be improved through the magic of the WAVE response.

When: Friday 17th April

Time: 11am

Right from her home office in Mullumbimby Australia to share the magic of the exploring the WAVE response.

You will need:

* A couple of hand towels

* A bath towel

*wall and space to lay down on

*A kitchen chair

*A pair of thick socks or garden pad

Tune into 'Watch Live' it is free for viewing live streaming, donate if you wish.

Or you can rent for purchase for further viewing. Watch live live


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