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Feldenkrais Awareness Summit for Special Needs Children

Registration for the Future Life Now Feldenkrais Awareness Summit – Turning Challenges into Possibilities for the Special Needs Family is now open. This FREE online event runs from November 5-10, 2020.

This entire summit is dedicated to support children and their carers and learning tools to enhance their quality of life. Future Life Now realized that there was a need for more information and attention for families affected by disability. More than 30 experts are listed as speakers, each a specialist in their field.

We will spend six days delving into ways to regulate the nervous system and fuel the brain with positive changes and movement. We will look into ways you can incorporate what you’ve learned into your child’s life, and into your interactions with your child. Knowledge is crucial in supporting your child’s development, while boosting your own ability to succeed.

You can look forward to:

  • 15 movement lessons

  • Specific techniques to explore with your child

  • 9 essentials from Anat Baniel for moving into deep learning

  • Self-care strategies

  • Ways to decrease stress and overall effort

  • Transforming curiosity and play into a gateway to growth

  • Novel approaches to solving "behavior" problems

  • And MORE!

Line up of Speakers:

Daniel Siegel, Anat Baniel, Donna Ray, Elinor Silverstein, Arlyn Zones, Leora Gaster, Martha Herbert, Carolyn Palmer, Patricia Musolino Michelle Turner, Brent Shaub, Lama Majaj, Carole Henderson, Mara Yale, Barbara Leverone, Carla Oswald Reed, Kirsten M. Brown, Carrie Steenbergen Matty Wilkinson, Judith Dack, ShaDonn Stewart, and Audrey deChadenedes


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