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BYRONWALKS next walking group 15th MAY - Brunswick Heads

Place: Brunswick Heads 15th May - Low Grade Walk - flat

Meet: At the Housey Shed across from Brunswick Hotel

Time: 8am - 9.30am

Cost: $20

Our Walk for Life Team: Jennifer Groves & Rangimarie Ferguson

Clear your mind while walking out in nature. Walking with poles involves 90% of one’s body muscles, poles deflect an estimated 25% impact from knees and lower joints and burns 40% more calories. Real time neuro-movement instruction provides a full mind body experience, including stress management. Improved self-esteem and improved sense of well-being. Our team delivers the Walk for Life program on our set walking dates. Through The Heart Foundation, we encourage walkers to continue walking these trails in their respective towns in their area for free. Register today with the Heart Foundation. Feel free to talk to Jenny & Rangimarie for support with registering.

*Walking poles hire available $5

* BYO water, sunscreen & hat and a bucket full of enthusiasm and adventure.

*Walks are graded from low to high grade.

Team up with other happy walkers. Is your community ready to walk happy? Heart Foundation Walking is free community walking network. We work with organisations across the country to establish and support local walking groups and to promote walking and one of the vest ways to be happy and healthy.


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