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Bones for Life workshop/training Brisbane 2018

BONES FOR LIFE visiting International Trainer.

Movement Intelligence training Brisbane.

Presenter: Jennifer Groves Director of Movement Intelligence Australasia.

Senior trainer Movement Intelligence, Feldenkrais® practitioner.

International teacher/trainer.

2018 Program

~ March 9/10/11

~ August 3/4/5

~ Nov 2/3/4

An opportunity to:

* Put the spring back in your step.

* Develop suppleness and vitality.

* Stimulate bone strength and health.

* Improve posture, balance and walking.

* Assist in recovery from back injury.

* Prevent and assists in repetitive strain injury.

* Develop a sense of containment and confidence.


Karen Ward 0405 703 350

*Casual attendance on availability.

*Non-refundable deposit of $200 by February 14th.

Jenny opened the first yoga school in Byron Bay in the early 1980’s and mentored many of Australia’s well-known yoga teachers. Jenny’s own health journey led her to work in the somatic and remedial fields and Bones for Life/Movement Intelligence is the modality she teaches around Australia and Asia.

The principal behind Bones for Life is to consciously understand how your body works and to move with, rather than against itself. Jenny lives and breathes her work, as she moves with the grace and poise of a dancer. Bones for Life is based on the water carrier’s and how they move carrying heavy loads on their head. The reason they are able to do it is because of their dynamic walking style which integrates the forces of gravity. Healthy functional movement builds bone tissue and helps to protect against Osteoporosis. Which is a Western disease and that whilst a sedentary lifestyle is part of the cause so is exercise that does not build up bone strength. These specific movements enable a person to better awareness of their body’s alignment, improves posture, breathing and pelvic floor function. All good things for any age, post pregnancy and post-surgery.

The Bones for Life program will benefit anyone who wants to learn how to move in a more effortless and beneficial way. Attendance at this level is required for anyone wishing to train as a teacher in the method.

You will learn:

• Strategies for recovering from lower back pain.

• Developing functional Core Stability through the sphincter system.

• Moving with less pain and more ease• Improving balance and walking.

• Challenging the “fear of falling” through gentle moves, increasing confidence and stamina.

• Improving the resiliency of bone tissue for osteoporosis.

• Working with the Bones for Life “Wrap” – 7 meters of cloth that works as an exo-skeleton.

• Using weights and isometric resistance for recruiting tone.

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