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Letter to Ruthy Alon

Hi Ruthy,

I just wanted to share with you the incredible effectiveness of “Bow and Arrow”. I have been working with a student who has L4 bulging in both anterior and posterior for the past month. The student’s pain was over the scale of 10. They arrived yesterday for a private consult, wearing a post pregnancy wide elastic support belt that held their abdomen and pelvis as one unit. Wearing the belt, the student was pain free, but when the student took it off the nerve pain returned and was excruciating.

So, I had the idea to do “Bow and Arrow”. When I shortened the instep of the painful leg in sitting, the nerve pain in their leg and sacrum went away. I remember in Solutions Two last year in Seoul, you taught a different version of “Bow and Arrow” in sitting. Then in standing and then with elastic Velcro. Creating asymmetry to stimulate the sphincter system. I progressed with the student in sitting in a step position and instructed them to press their back foot into the floor with a slight downward and backyard push, this shortened the arch, as I had been doing. The distance between the student’s feet drew apart and the back-foot arch shortened and the front arch lengthened. Thus, created the dynamic, yet delicate “Bow and Arrow”. It was incredible, they laughed and their whole face lit up as they learned how to engage asymmetry and length in the axial line. The pelvic floor engaged and lifted, their belly lengthened and they were pain free. We played with this more in sitting and then in standing. Then I introduced the “elastic Velcro” from Solutions Two and then the student was able to take this into walking. We only did the homolateral pattern with arm and legs, contralateral would have been too much for their system. When the student took the Velcro off, they could stand and walk pain free. It was incredible how their system was so intelligent and it knew what to do.

I know, you know how effective “Bow and Arrow” is. But to see this with a woman who was in excruciating pain learn so fast was incredible.

I just wanted to share with you Ruthy. Even though I did not do your sequence as taught, I just used the principles and “presto” it worked like a dream. The student is booked in for surgery this week and we will have follow up one to one’s post-surgery. They are very eager to learn strategies of how to self-support and become strong.

Here is Ruthy’s reply.

“Thank you for this sharing Jenny, it is worth to share with the whole community this encouraging information. It has been in the time of our training with Moshe that I have injured my back in careless jumping into the swimming pool with too aggressive incurving of my lumbar. Nothing could take the pain away, only when I allowed myself to do something counter symmetrical. Thank you for your developing it on”.

This is great workshop material. “The Bow and Arrow” and the sphincters. Go to - and and search for a Movement Intelligence/Bones For Life teacher in your country or region.

I will be teaching a public workshop in Taiwan 14th August this year. Followed by Ruthy's new program Solutions 1 on the 15th to 24th August.

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