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This item is made from the highest quality Tourmanium. This exclusive jewellery set is not only fashionable and exquisite but has major health benefits to the wearer, thanks to high levels of Far Infrared Rays and Anions.

Size: Large - Medium - Small


Weight: 50 g / 1 set


Product Benefits

  •  Those who suffer from hypertension or hypotension, especially the elderly, are very afraid to stay home alone as attacks looms very suddenly. High or low pressure instantly causes unbearable headaches with blood pulsing in temples, weakness, and dizziness. Usually people in this situation experience fear that they are in such state will not be able to reach out the phone to seek help.


  •  Doctors say that all this occurs because of vasoconstriction of soft tissues in the head. To expand the blood vessels and as a consequence to get rid of pressure and other unpleasant symptoms can be achieved with help of tourmanium necklace and tourmanium bracelet. This is a new product of South Korean company Nuga Best.


  •  Necklace and bracelet set is probably the only product of Nuga Best today that you can use round the clock and wear it all year long. It does not require recharging as heated from your own body, practical, weightless and very comfortable. Furthermore, necklace and bracelet have very elegant look on the body, have an attractive design, and is not an imitation jewellery made ​​of precious stones. Moreover, if expensive necklaces, bracelets and clips are just a beautiful piece of jewellery the Nuga Best necklace and bracelet set above all is a useful decoration. Hence no less precious. After all we all know that there is nothing more important than our own health.


  •  Due to the unique properties of tourmanium ceramic these ornaments have a healing and beneficial influence on the whole organism. Above all, thanks to the constant close contact with the skin, it improves blood circulation and promotes vasodilation. That is why those people who constantly wear the tourmanium jewellery set forever forget about pressure surges.

Necklace and Bracelet



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