Solutions for Optimal Mobility

Solutions for Optimal Mobility

Self-Care Strategies for Individual Neuro-Motor Limitations

Walk For Life

Walk For Life

Develops good health, upright posture and a spring in your step

Bones For Life

Bones For Life

Stimulates bone strength through natural movement and rhythm



Develops healthy sitting alignments that lead to fitness

Mindful Eating

Mindful Eating

Explores the inner game of chewing

Live studio sessions


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WeMoveStudio Mullumbimby. 

Jennifer's workshops are an introduction to Movement Intelligence-Bones for Life 1 program. You will learn self-help tools to find postural correction through movement orientated somatic education. A seven-metre wrap is used as an exo-skeleton, establishing a clear axial line of the spine for exploring a safe dynamic movement in space. Partner work, walls and the floor will be utilised to stimulate isometric resistance and rhythmic vibration. Each month there will be a different area we will focus on (see topics schedule bellow).   


Movement Intelligence Half Day Workshops - with  Jennifer.

*Feb_Sat 13th 1-5pm Pressure builds bones

*March_Sat 6th  1-5pm   Lower Back

*April_Sat 3rd 1-5pm Upper Back

*May_Sat  1st 1-5pm Osteoarthritis 

*June_Sat 5th 1-5pm Feet & Knees

*July_Sat 3rd  1-5pm Equilibrium & Balance

*Aug_Sat 7th  1-5pm Jaw & Pelvis

*Sep_Sat 4th  1-5pm Shoulders & Hips

*Oct_Sat 2nd  1-5pm Core Stability & The Sphincters

*Nov_Sat 6th  1-5pm Eyes & Neck
*Dec _Sat  4th     1.5pm  Annual Review

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Enquires: Jennifer by clicking here 

* Jenny private consults at home office or skype/Zoom.
*Feldenkrais private lessons with Jenny (NDIS          provider).

KAOHSIUNG (Taiwan) Jennifer (postponed with Covid).


Classes follow on from Jennifer's monthly workshop material.

*Wed_Feb 3rd  5.15-6pm (six weeks) till 10th March

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Live viewing is free with access to our library as it builds up. Please enjoy​ and feel free to ask any questions that you may have.

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"To consciously develop authenticity through physical and emotional intelligence, to gracefully move through life."


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